Berbice students allegedly molested by Pastor


A man, who claims he is a Pastor, is currently in police custody for allegedly sexually molesting nine children between the ages of 7 – 9, four of whom are siblings.

News Room was reliably informed that the man was caught red-handed with one of the students in the washroom of a primary school on the West Coast of Berbice, Region 5, on Thursday.

Information reaching News Room revealed that the alleged Pastor, who lives nearby the school, would usually lure the children by purchasing snacks for them.

Thus far, some nine boys and girls have been questioned by the Police. During an event held at the school on Thursday, the man entered the compound and bought hot-dogs for some of the children.

A student reportedly saw him with a female pupil and alerted a Teacher who immediately summoned the Head Teacher. He was then reportedly found in the washroom with the child.

A parent, who is close to the investigation, told News Room that the children were allegedly inappropriately touched, kissed and bitten by the suspect.

Divisional Commander Lyndon Alves confirmed that the man was arrested for “acting inappropriately” with the students.

The Commander said that investigations are ongoing.

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