Fire engulfs Regent Street store


Firefighters were called into action Friday afternoon to battle a small blaze that ignited at D Singh and Sons store along King Street, downtown Georgetown.

Rush hour traffic was backed up and had to be diverted but within less than an hour, the fire was brought under control as the Guyana Fire Service utilized a hydrant located nearby.

Workers rushed from the building as smoke billowed from the back and an alarm was raised.

The fire service came within minutes but even before that person in the area formed a bucket brigade and began extinguishing the blaze.

The proprietor of the store, D. Singh, told the News Room that he was in the store when he was alerted by one of his employees that there was a fire.

He too rushed from the building as they awaited the response for the fire service.

Singh said he has no clue what started the fire or the extent of the damages, both from the fire and the water.

Singh operated the business along King Street for several years, selling stationery and other supplies.

Firefighters are currently doing the mopping up work even as an investigation will commence determining the cause.

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