24 injured in Linden/Soesdyke Highway accident


At least 24 persons including children are nursing injuries after a minibus and motorcar collided on the Linden Soesdyke Highway Sunday afternoon.

The driver of the motorcar, PMM 548 heading east, lost control of the car and crashed into minibus BHH 8451 which was travelling west, police said.

The motorcar involved in the accident [News Source photo]
The incident occurred in the vicinity of Kuru Kururu around 17:35hrs.

Both drivers, as well as the other occupants, sustained injuries; some were picked up in conscious and unconscious conditions and rushed to the Diamond Public Hospital.

The driver of the motorcar has been identified as 31-year-old Shennelle Hughes while the bus driver is 49-year-old Rawle McKenzie.

The other persons in the motorcar were 42-year-old Quinton Odle and children Jada Enmore, 8; Arianna Hughes, 6; Jaden Hughes, 9 and Tyrese Arthur, 4.

The adult passengers in the minibus were Prim Persaud, 46; Rookmine Persaud, 21; Lakeram Persaud, 21; Tollesh Narine, 28; Hermella Ram, 28; Anthony Thomas, 24; Jasmine Persaud, 24; and Sarita Persaud, 24.

The younger passengers were Darwattie Persaud, 2; Gewan Persaud, 16; Brenda Persaud, 9; Arianna Persaud, 8; Vishaul Persaud, 7; Steve Francis, 14; Jullio Looge, 15; Steve Raganandan, 15; and Matesh Hardat, 10.

Police said all the children from the motorcar were treated for internal and head injuries.

Prim Persaud, Lakeram Persaud and Rookmine Persaud were treated for broken legs and head injuries.

Police say the others were treated for minor injuries.

Those with serious conditions have been transferred to the Georgetown Hospital.

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