Bandits invade store of Trinidadian businessman


A Trinidadian businessman is contemplating closing down his business after gunmen invaded his Lot 477 Plantation Providence, East Bank Demerara store on Sunday and carted off with millions in cash and valuables.

Rajendra Maye, owner of R. Maye Hardware Guyana Inc. on Monday told News Room that he received a call from his staff shortly after the incident.

News Room understands that three men armed with a gun, knife and a crowbar entered the store at about 09:30 hrs and tied up the security guard and a sales representative.

“They went in the place and break right through, went in with a bolt cutter and they cut all the way through, broke the vault… I don’t know how they got through the vault… and they gone with over 15M in valuables,” the businessman told News Room.

The bandits escaped with a Samsung Edge cell phone and $9,400 in cash from the Security Guard and Sales Representative along with an undisclosed sum of cash from the vault.

This is not the first time that the Trinidadian Investor has been robbed. On Monday, he criticized the response of the Guyana Police Force.

“Every time, no one is ever arrested,” the frustrated business owner said.

Maye explained that he had plans to expand his business in Guyana but has decided against it following Sunday’s robbery.

“If I had a choice, I close this place in the morning because I am losing a lot of money, I’m losing more than what I’m gaining and there is no help from the police nor the Government or no one,” Mayne told News Room.

The man suspects an employee who may have been involved in the robbery. That person is currently in police custody.

The man has been operating his business in Guyana since 2013.

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