Gov’t mulls development of animation industry


The Ministry of Public Telecommunications is examining the further development of an animation industry in Guyana.

This was disclosed by Minister Cathy Hughes at the inaugural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference, which commenced on Monday.

Minister Hughes said the development of an animation industry will provide further investment opportunities for the country and will also foster new entrepreneurs and employment opportunities.

Public Telecommunications Minister- Cathy Hughes

She said the Government will be networking with relevant stakeholders to build synergy for the development of the industry since the animation industry has increased significantly across the Caribbean.

“We are looking at opportunities to ensure budding entrepreneurs are given opportunities to develop ourselves in the animation market … the opportunities to garner international business is real and possible and we think here our labour cost makes an advantage for us to be able to compete in a worldwide market compared to those in the industry.”

According to the Minister, there is currently a small privately-owned animation studio called Animax which began in 2013 providing 15 to 16 seats for showings.

The Ministry has already funded three persons involved in local animation network for training in Suriname. (Extracted and modified from DPI)

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