Woman sets ex-lover on fire


A woman on Sunday turned herself into the police after setting her ex-lover on fire as he tried to break into her Lot 31 Nottinghamshire Mines, Linden home.

News Room understands that 52-year-old Alice Vyphius shared a relationship with the victim, 43-year-old Deon Marks for approximately two years; however, the two reportedly separated after Marks became abusive.

Reports indicate that Marks visited the woman’s home even though she told him not to and he was met with a locked gate and door but he was not deterred and instead jumped the fence and entered the yard.

Information reaching News Room revealed that Vyphius refused to open the door when Marks armed himself with a spade and began to hit lock. Vyphius told him to leave but Marks said: “you have to pay me to leave.”

News Room understands that as Marks opened the door and was about to gain entry into the house with the spade, Vyphius doused him with gasoline and threw a lit cigarette at him, setting him ablaze.

The man ran and jumped into a nearby drain after which he caught a taxi and went to the Linden Hospital Complex.

He has been admitted a patient with 40% of first and second degree burns about his body.

Vyphuis then went to the Mackenzie Police Station where she reported the incident and turned herself in. She was arrested and placed into custody for inflicting grievous bodily harm.

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