UK MP with Guyanese parentage meets with Pres. Granger


Member of Parliament (MP) from the United Kingdom (UK) of Guyanese parentage, David Lammy and Mr. Mark Ferguson, an investor and board member of Conservation International (CI) today met with President David Granger.

The two officials are currently in Guyana to meet with Heads of Government agencies and members of the business community to explore potential areas for investment, a release from the Ministry of the Presidency noted.

During the meeting at State House, President Granger spoke at length of the country’s ‘green’ agenda, noting that Guyana’s commitment to environmental protection is long-standing and consistent.

“He also informed the visiting officials that locally, there is a greater sense of ownership of the environment and the message of what the ‘green’ state means for Guyana, is gaining momentum across the 10 administrative regions. The President noted, however, that there is still much more work to be done, particularly as it relates to solid waste management,” the release noted.

President Granger also spoke of his vision for Iwokrama, in terms of making it a hub for biodiversity research and studies.

He said the centre can be the means through which greater global awareness can be raised regarding the importance of the Guiana Shield.

“The world is not aware of what an asset the Guiana Shield is… Guyana can take the lead by creating the Centre of Excellence, which would serve as a hub,” the President was quoted as saying in the release.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ferguson, the CI official, described the Government as very enlightened, owing to the fact that even though the country is on the verge of transformation with petroleum.

Following his meeting with the President, Mr. Lammy met with Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon to discuss potential areas through which CI can serve Guyana’s ‘green’ and sustainable agenda.

Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon shows Executive Director and Vice President of Conservation International (CI), Dr. David Singh and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Generation Investment Management and Member of CI’s Board the ‘Giants of El Dorado’
[Ministry of the Presidency photo]
Minister Harmon commented on Guyana’s beneficial relationship with the organization.

“CI has been good to us… The level of representation from CI and the focus, which [CI] has on Guyana is extremely important to us… We’re extremely fortunate and we’re extremely happy to receive the advice that we are getting from the CI,” he said.

The State Minister also expressed his desire for the population to know and understand the importance of conservation and CI’s role in preserving Guyana.

Mr. Lammy made sure to express his interest in seeing Guyana continue to make strides toward achieving its ‘green’ agenda while balancing the emergence of the oil and gas sector.  Vice President of CI-Guyana, Dr. David Singh and Head of the Department of Environment, Ms. Ndibi Schwiers were also present at the meeting.

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