Port Mourant man attempts to kill ex-wife, torches house


A woman is fearful for her life after she was attacked on Wednesday evening by her ex-reputed husband who she said tried to slash her throat and stab her with a broken bottle.

The man, who was only hours earlier released from custody for a similar attack a few days before, subsequently set the house she was living in on fire.

Omawattie ‘Ann’ Alvin, 47, a fish vendor of Lot 192 Area ‘R’ Ankerville, Port Mourant said it was around 19:00 hours that Lionel Thomas, 62, came to the house and tried to reconcile their relationship. However, due to his past abuse and his drug addiction, she refused.

She said Thomas became angry and broke a bottle and tried to cut her throat, but her 17-year-old daughter came to her rescue.

“He took a knife and tried to stab me to my belly; when he tried to slit my throat my daughter jumped in and covered me,” she stated.

Alvin explained that this did not stop Thomas as he continued in his attempt to end her life. During the ordeal, the man hit his daughter, Leona Thomas, with a bottle to her head. She also sustained cut to her hands.

Alvin received injuries to her chin after the bottle missed her neck; she also sustained injuries to her abdomen.

She sustained injuries to her abdomen.

Alvin related to News Room that she fought for her life and managed to escape.

She ran out to the street and called out for help and Thomas pursued in a bid to “end her.”

However, as neighbours began responding, Thomas made his escape into nearby bushes and is on the run from the Police.

Alvin immediately left and made a report to the Whim Police Station and was then taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where was treated.

She went on to say that minutes after settling in at one of her daughters’ home a few villages away, she received a call that the house was set on fire.

She strongly believes it was her reputed husband who set the house on fire.

The house was owned by one of her friends and she was living in and maintaining it.

The house that was destroyed by fire

Alvin is pleading with the Police to nab the suspect as she said she will never be able to live in peace as he may return to end her life.

The couple were due for a court appearance Thursday after Thomas on Saturday last attacked and threatened the woman with a cutlass. A report was made and he was arrested on Monday.

However, after the statutory 72 hours for detention had passed, Thomas was released from Police custody. That was Wednesday when he returned to attacked Alvin.

Alvin said she had separated from Thomas in 2016 and since then the man has made her life “hell.”

The Police are investigating and is making attempts to apprehend the suspect.

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