$2M each plus $20k an hour for Special Prosecutors


The Special Prosecutors hired by the Government for high profile cases are being paid a $2 million retainer fee each along with $20,000 per hour for legal services rendered.

Attorney General Basil Williams, in response to questions posed by his predecessor Anil Nandlall in the National Assembly today, said these prosecutors have dealt with 12 cases since their contracts were signed on June 7, 2017.

In a written reply, Williams said the retainer fee of $2 million is “applied against the attorney’s fees and cost incurred by the client or expenses paid by the attorney on behalf of the client” and $20,000 “per hour for legal services rendered in prosecuting matters in court”.

Williams noted that the prosecutors have not incurred any travel or accommodation expenses.

The Guyana Chronicle had reported in January 2017 that Cabinet approved the appointment of six attorneys to serve as a Special Prosecutor. However, Williams in his response to the House said that only five attorneys are currently contracted.

The Special Prosecutors listed back then were Michael Somersall, Hewely Griffith, Lawrence Harris, Patrice Henry, Compton Richardson, and Trenton Lake.

These attorneys are to serve as State prosecutors on several cases including the forensic audits conducted by the coalition administration upon its ascension to office in May 2015.


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