Volda Lawrence expects Basil Williams to formally request debate


Days after incumbent Chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) Basil Williams challenged Party Members to a debate on their track record of achievements, Vice Chairperson Volda Lawrence expressed hope that he will formally raise the issue at the appropriate forum.

Boasting of his track record and why he should be re-elected Chairman, Williams told media operatives that he would like to have a debate with those Party Members who are running for the second highest elected position within the PNC/R.

Lawrence, as well as Joseph Harmon, are both interested in the position.

But Lawrence told reporters Monday morning that Williams has not raised the desire of having an internal debate. She said when and if he does bring it up at the level of the party, a discussion will ensue.

“That has not come up at our internal party discourse. I am quite certain that he will bring it up there and when he does, it will be discussed,” Lawrence stated.

Unlike her contender, Lawrence declined to publicly say why she should be elected Chairperson of the PNC/R.

Instead, she expressed: “once you are a member of the PNC/R, you will have the opportunity to have an encounter with me and so within the structure of the party, those answers will be given.”

Last year, Lawrence was elected to the position of Vice Chairperson.

Williams has served as PNC/R Chairman since 2012.

The PNC/R internal elections will be held next month.

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