Mother blames cops for murder of Berbice woman


Monica Lakhan thought the years of suffering her 29-year-old daughter endured with an abuser 13 years her senior was coming to an end but she had no idea her daughter would meet her death in such a brutal way at her Kilcoy, Corentyne Berbice home.

Sabrina Lakhan, a mother of three girls, was murdered Monday by her ex-husband, Ramesh Ramdeen as she was executing the last part of her plan to leave the abusive relationship.

“Me inside ah tear hay and me belly ah blaze like pepper,” the mother wept uncontrollably as she spoke with the media Tuesday.

Two police officers are being blamed for the killing of the young woman, who is now just another in a long list of statistics of domestic violence deaths in the country.

“I got to do something about this for my daughter,” Monica stated determinedly. She strongly believes that negligence by the police officers resulted in the death of her daughter.

Sabrina and her ex-husband separated three months ago.

Monica Lakhan

On Monday, Sabrina had returned to their home in the company of two police officers and her sister-in-law to collect her personal belongings.

The woman had just received a restraining order against the abusive man and was planning to return to her mother’s home.

However, the police officers and the sister-in-law reportedly left the woman alone in the house – where the ex-husband committed the gruesome act.

Monica said she last spoke to her daughter via telephone as the young lady was packing up her belongings.

“She said ‘mammy me ah come just now’, after that, nothing more me nah hear from mi pickney [child],” the grieving mother cried.

Dead are Sabrina Lakhan and her husband Ramesh Ramdeen.

Police are alleging that the woman told the cops that she no longer wished to leave the home and so they departed.

But the dead woman’s sister, Nalini Ramjattan, has her own suspicion of what transpired. The Lakhan family is adamant that Sabrina did not ask the cops to leave.

Ramjattan believes that her sister was unaware that she had been left alone and was busy packing away her belongings when the ex-husband approached from behind and slit her throat.

After killing his former paramour, Ramdeen turned the weapon on himself.

Nalini Ramjattan has her own suspicion of what transpired.

Meanwhile, Ramdeen’s sister, Asha Hidar, told reporters that she never thought her brother would resort to murder. Hidar, who had accompanied Sabrina to the home, admitted that she would often advise the young lady to stay with the abusive man.

This is one of many deadly domestic violence cases which have occurred in Guyana.

Two months ago in the county of Berbice, there were at least three reported domestic violence incidents which ended in deaths.

Experts explained that in most domestic violence relationships, the victim would stay with the abuser owing to several reasons such as financial support or fear.

In Sabrina’s case, she mustered up the courage to leave but family members said that due to the irresponsibility of the police officers, the young mother suffered a fate she was trying to avoid.

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