Syringes, pepper sauce among contraband found inside Lusignan prison


The Guyana Prison Service continues to grapple with lax security at the Lusignan Prison as another raid by the joint services unearthed a large number of contraband items inside the facility during a raid at around 05:30hrs Friday.

A police release noted that ranks found six earpieces, a number of razor blades, 17 chargers, 24 lighters, five cell phones, a quantity of wire, 10 improvised weapons, eight metal spoons, two pairs of scissors and a plastic knife.

They also found two nail clips, six syringes with needles, a quantity of Ziploc bags, six bottles of pepper sauce, a pack of cards, three bottles of medicine, four bottles of oil with suspected cannabis seeds, a memory card, three mirrors and one wristwatch.

Some of the items found inside the prison


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