86 killed in road accidents, speeding major cause


Police have reported that 86 persons lost their lives as a result of road accidents from the period of January 1, 2018, to September 30, 2018, representing a 5.7% decrease in fatal accidents.

Speeding has been flagged as the major cause of the road fatalities.

According to the statistics, 36 of the fatal road accidents were caused by speeding while 12 were caused by speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Sixteen were as a result of inattentiveness and eight were due to the pedestrians crossing in the path of an approaching vehicle, while one was failure of the driver to conform to a traffic sign.

Of those who were killed, two were minibus passengers, 15 were pedal cyclists, 31 were pedestrians, 20 occupants in car, 11 were motorcyclists, four were drivers, two were being towed on a bicycle and one was a pillion rider.

Some Prevalent Cases Made for the period January-September, 2018


  Speeding 21,910
  Breach of Condition of Road service Licence /Music    2,928
  Driving under the influence of Alcohol    2,456
  Using cell phone while driving       651
  Breach of Traffic Light Signal    1,041
  Tinted Motor vehicles    2,194
  Unlicensed Driver    1,985
  Fail to wear Seat Belt    4,445
  Dangerous Driving       497
  Careless Driving       440
  Fail to Wear Safety Helmet    1,168
  Overload Minibus    2,330
  Obstruction    1,295
  Fail to Confirm to Sign    2,906
  Crossing Double Yellow Line    1,948






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