‘Restore Order’: Dozens of stolen items recovered, 38 arrested


Some 38 persons have been arrested following a police operation which recovered dozens of suspected stolen items.

Vehicles and a range of electronic devices, including gaming systems as well as illegal drugs, were among the items confiscated by ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Saturday.

Operation “Restore Order” was conducted in East La Penitence, Sophia ad Beterverwagting between 03:30hrs to 8:30hrs, police said in a statement.

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In ‘A’ Division, the items seized included three motorcycles (two with registration plates CG 8319 and CJ 570), ten laptops, 42 cellular phones, one tablet, two play stations, a digital timer, an X-BOX, and a quantity of computer and phone accessories.

Additionally, 72 grams of cannabis were found. Police said in those raids, seven persons were detained, inclusive of a woman, for offences ranging from receiving stolen property to possession of narcotics.

In ‘C’ Division, three motorcycles (with registration plates CH 3395, CH 8917, and CH 8675), a car bumper, two car doors, a vacuum cleaner, a power washer, a grass cuter, three cellular phones, a television set, and a music set with three speakers were discovered. Police said they also discovered small sized Ziplock bags.

Police said 31 persons were detained in this case, for offences ranging from robbery under arms, possession of stolen articles, trafficking and possession of narcotics as well as setting fire to building.

According to Police Headquarters, one of the ‘C’ Division detainees was found to have been sentenced in absentia for six years on two counts of armed robbery committed in ‘A’ Division.

His name is Desmond Junior Lewis, 36, of ‘D’ Field Sophia.

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