GAWU’s Youman Nabi Message 2018


The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) is pleased to extend to all Guyana but especially to all Muslim Brothers and Sisters, joyous greetings on the occasion of Youman Nabi. On this special day Muslims commemorate the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace).

The Holy Prophet (On Whom Be Peace) holds a revered and esteemed place in the lives of Muslims and in the faith of Islam. The Prophet’s teachings and his example continue to inspire and influence the lives of all his committed followers, world-wide.

The growth of Islam in recent times attests to the continued significance of the teachings of this great religion and the tremendous impact the Holy Prophet Mohammed has had in distilling its truths and virtues to humanity.

As Muslims throughout Guyana observe Youman Nabi – The day of the Prophet –we wish to encourage them to reflect deeply and profoundly on his teachings and be inspired by his humanitarian example,the quintessence of which is engraved with courage, humility, kindness, and charity.

May we all take example from the life of the Holy Prophet! May we all aspire to live our own lives with the same wholesome practices and devotion as did the Prophet Mohamed (On Whom Be Peace).

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