$159M for Hinterland electrification in 2019


The Government is seeking $159M in the 2019 budget to continue hinterland electrification projects.

Speaking Wednesday morning in the National Assembly, Minister Annette Ferguson said the funding for 2019 will cover network expansion to residents within commercial zones in Lethem and the expansion of sub-station in Lethem to accommodate an additional one-megawatt solar farm and hydropower supplies from Moco Moco and Kumu in the near future.

A sum of $5M will be expended towards the procurement of tools for transmission and distribution department.

An allocation of $89M will see the undertaking of several projects, including the procurement of underground cable for the Mabaruma distribution network, the extension of electricity supply in Oronoque, Port Kaituma, and upgrade distribution network at Kwakwani.

For the extension of the network distribution in the Orealla and Siparuta area, $15M has been budgeted.

In addition, $6M has been provided for the procurement of oily water separators for utility companies in hinterland regions.

In 2018, the government allocated the sum of $233.5M for the implementation of the following projects:

  • Installation of a 400 KW Solar PV farm at Mabaruma, Region #1 ($45.5M)
  • Installation of metal lattice tower to support electricity distribution lines across the Port Kaituma River ($20M)
  • Extension of the distribution network at Moco Moco and residences within the proximity of rodeo ground in Region 9

Under the Sustainable Energy Programme, the government received budgetary support through the IDB/GEF Grant funded which realized a number of projects.

This includes the installation of Micro-grid PV Systems in the following ten (10) hinterland communities:

  • Region #1, Yarakita, Hotaquai,
  • Region #2, Akawini, Bethany, Kabakaburi,
  • Region #7, Chinoweg, Phillipai,
  • Region #8, Monkey Mountain, Kurukabaru, and;
  • Region #9 Achiwab.Conducting of geo-technical studies at the Moco Moco hydro power site.
  • Public awareness campaign to promote the benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Review of 2016 generation expansion plan.
  • Installation of wind measuring equipment to determine areas on the coast, where wind might be a viable energy source.

She said that despite teething issues, the projects are moving.

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