Exciting, thrilling and breathtaking driving promised at KFC Mega Cup


By Avenash Ramzan

GT Motorsports is where the action is this afternoon (Sunday, December 16, 2018) where Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) stages its second Mega Cup Grand Prix, in association with Pure Racing and the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club.

The three-hour showdown starts at 15:00h, and will feature top drivers from Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

Anna Lisa Fraser- Phang, Administrator of Pure Racing, a family-oriented group with a common interest in motorsports, has been one of the driving forces behind this initiative.

Mikhail Persaud is one of the racers expected to be on show today

She is excited about what is set to unfold at the country’s lone go-kart track on Thomas Lands and Albert Streets when the flag is dropped.

“Fans can look forward to some exciting, thrilling and breath taking driving. The youths have honed their skills and are anxiously awaiting to release the pent up anticipation on the track. Fans will see some of the most competitive racing, some of the greatest sportsmanship and some best skills put to test,” Fraser-Phang told News Room.

She added, “At this KFC Mega Grand Prix, we have at four new local drivers that have not raced before. This race will be a testing ground for them as well as the more seasoned racers. It is always nice to new drivers to keep the others on their toes. They never know what to expect so they are even more aware and driving skills sharpened to prepare for the unexpected.”

“The entire pit area is buzzing with excitement and camaraderie. The tension is rising, but in a good way as they prepare. The racers will be itching with excitement, the mechanics would have finely tuned their machines, and everyone expecting lady luck to be on their side.”

Unlike the first event in November, this meet has been boasted by the presence of overseas competitors, namely Jamaican driving prodigy Collin Daley Jr and Trinidad and Tobago’s Kristian Boodoosingh.

Cousin Kristian Jeffrey and Stefan Jeffrey and F4 driver Calvin Ming have the task of defending home turf against the visiting karters. Incidentally, Ming would be making his debut at GT Motorsports.

“Their experience can only add fuel to the belly fire of our local drivers. The challenge to pass them on the track is something that is they all have a hunger for. It will be a day of challenges. Going forward we will see more international racers gracing our track in Guyana. Why won’t they? We have a top and competitive track and we have racers that have the skills,” Fraser-Phang explained.

She continued, “It is always rewarding to see that these older and more experienced drivers are so willing to share their experience and knowledge with the younger ones. Everyone is busy with the fine tuning and testing of their karts to ensure all is ready for the big and final race.”

Who will take the chequered flag on Sunday? 

Fraser-Phang, the mother of racers Matthew, John and Ben Phang, expressed immense gratitude to KFC for sponsoring the event, noting the corporate support is needed to push the sport forward.

“The sponsorship of go-kart racing is imperative, (and) essential to (the) continuation of racing in Guyana. Go-kart racing is the stepping stone to (the) racing arena. This is the first time Guyana has so many new and young talented drivers all at once. This is the new generation of racers that will represent Guyana. With the support of companies like KFC, and the foresight of the management of GT Motorsports, Guyana will continue to have excellent representation of drivers and riders, both locally and internationally,” Fraser-Phang declared.

Sunday’s event will encompass qualifying, pre-final and final in four categories, namely Easy Cup Rookie, 60cc Kids Cup, X30 125cc Junior and X30 125cc Senior.

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