PPP banks on ‘patriotic’ cross-over votes for Friday’s No- Confidence motion


The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is gearing up for Friday’s debate on the No-Confidence motion submitted by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.

With one-seat less than the Government, Jagdeo Monday said the PPP was not sure what will happen on Friday but said the motion could have success if there is at least one cross-over vote.

The PPP has 32 seats in the National Assembly and the Government has 33.

To win the vote and force the APNU+AFC Government out of office and cut short its five-year term, the PPP will need to have at least one person from the Government vote in its favour, or have two abstain, giving it the majority.

At a press conference Monday, Jagdeo argued that “many” Parliamentarians on the Government side have “quietly” expressed displeasure with the state of affairs in the Government and the policies they are pursuing.

As such, the PPP is hoping that that dissatisfaction could translate into a vote for the motion.

“…because it would mean not an act of betrayal, it would be an act of patriotism,” Jagdeo stated.

The Government has said it has a solid 33 on its side and is confident the motion will be defeated.

Jagdeo had submitted his motion to the National Assembly on November 15, 2018.

Jagdeo’s motion follows several allegations of corruption against the current administration during its three years in office.

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