PNC leaders missing at first press conference after No-Confidence vote


At its first press conference since the historic No-Confidence vote one week ago, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) chose to send out its former General Secretary Aubrey Norton.

None of what he said has given a clearer indication of how the Party will move forward after the vote.

A hurriedly called press conference was Friday afternoon held at Congress Place, the Headquarters of the PNCR, the largest party in the Coalition that was toppled on December 21.

In answer to a question about why none of the party’s leaders was at the press conference, Norton said the PNCR was not a one-man show and that the party has a “plethora” of leaders and chose him and the two others – Minister Dawn Hastings and Ganesh Mahipaul from Region Three – to deliver its statement.

Norton could not be definitive on the Party’s next move – only to say what the Government has already said.

“We will pursue all options open to us…,” Norton declared.

Outside of calling new elections, as the Constitution dictates, or seeking legal clarity, Norton could offer no new positions.

In the statement Norton read, the PNCR claimed that the Government Parliamentarian who voted with the Opposition – Charrandas Persaud – was bribed by the Opposition in a deal arranged in Trinidad, but he could not say with any certainty that that information will end up with the Police.

Norton said the PNC is always ready for elections and that the Party would just have to accentuate that readiness for an early election.

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