Teen charged with murder of Bush Lot brothers


Eighteen-year-old Keeran Jeenarine known as “Romie” of Bush Lot Village, East Berbice Corentyne was charged with the murder of two brothers which occurred on December 31, 2018.

The two brothers, Harricharran 46, and Premcharran Samaroo, 45, were killed during the course of a robbery at their mother’s home at Bush Lot Corentyne.

Jeenarine appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore at the Mibicuri Court on Tuesday, where he was not required to plea to the indictable charge.

On Thursday last, Jeenarine presented himself at the Whim Police Station after a Wanted bulletin was issued for him. He was accompanied by his Lawyer.

Two days later, he reportedly confessed to detectives that he was involved in the planning of the robbery/murders.

Jeenarine was represented by Attorney-at-Law Charlyn Artiga, who asked the court for a full disclosure of statements and a video recording of her client, which she said placed him at a Supermarket during the time if the robbery.

Dead: Harricharan Samaroo also called ‘Davo’ and his brother, Premcharan called “Tolly”, who had his photo taken just before the bandits attacked.

Earlier in the night, the accused was at the Samaroo’s home with their mother Irene Samaroo, another brother and an overseas-based relative as they gathered for a drink to usher in the New Year.

However, the accused reportedly left the home with the third brother to purchase more alcohol when the bandits attacked.

The attack was reportedly carried out by Kelvin Seegobin called “Kelly” of Belvedere who is wanted by Police for questioning into the robbery/murder.

The News Room had reported that the Samaroo brothers had just finished eating when they heard what appeared to be fireworks at the back of the yard at around 20:30hrs.

Premcharan left to investigate and asked his mother for a flashlight when he was confronted by three bandits at the side of the house.

He was shot at point blank range to the head and died instantly.

Harricharan who ran to his assistance was beaten and also shot. He succumbed at the Port Mourant Hospital a short time after.

A new date of January 22 was set for the prosecution to examine and report on the findings of the footage.

He was remanded to prison and the matter will be called at Springlands Magistrate’s Court.

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