Parents cannot be in school compound during teaching hours – Education Ministry


The Ministry of Education on Monday, in responding to confusion at the Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara Primary School last Tuesday, said that parents would not be allowed in the compound during teaching hours.

On Tuesday last, several parents were prevented from entering the school compound.

“The issue under contention is the attempt by the school’s administration to dissuade parents from loitering within the school and around the school compound during the instructional time,” the Ministry of Education stated.

According to the Ministry, this behaviour pattern by parents has led to several issues at the school including learners being distracted during instructional time.

As a result, the Ministry said parents were encouraged to leave after the morning and afternoon sessions started. This discussion was done at a general P.T.A. meeting on Monday, January 28, 2019, it was stated.

However, the following day, a few parents were not willing to leave the school compound after the bell rang in the morning.

Following discussions between the Headteacher, Senior Teachers and an Education Officer, the Ministry said the following measures were agreed upon:

1. The parents must be allowed to bring their children into the school as per normal. When the bell rings, those parents who are still within the confines of the school awaiting the dismissal time should be encouraged to go home and return at dismissal time for the children.

2. An emergency PTA meeting would be convened to address the issue.

The Ministry said normalcy has been restored to the school and the situation will continue to be monitored closely to ensure that all stakeholders are on-board and that efforts are made to strengthen the school/community relationship.

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