Elderly woman thrown off roof in Corentyne robbery


A 63-year-old woman was thrown off her roof and then dragged under house during a robbery at her Corentyne, Berbice home early Thursday morning.

Reports are that four men, armed with guns and cutlasses, broke a window to the bottom flat of Kumarie Bhagwandin’s Second Street, Bloomfield Village house and removed several wooden bars to gain access.

The men then proceed to threaten the elderly woman who lives with her bedridden husband.

During the robbery, the woman’s 9-year-old granddaughter was also present but was unharmed during the ordeal.

The bandits carted off approximately $63,000 in phone cards and sales of from Soda she sells to make a living along with several pieces of jewellery.

Bhagwandin told the News Room she was awakened by strange sounds and as she investigated she noticed someone on her bridge. She said she closed her window and went back into her room but remained alert.

The house where the robbery occurred. The elderly woman was thrown off the side roof.

“A little while after I hear some breaking sounds so I called out to my daughter who live next door for help,” she stated.

As the sounds of the men breaking the window continued, the terrified woman opened a window and jumped on a shed to escape but two of the four bandits pursued her.

“One of them say ‘where yuh going? Where yuh going?’ and pushed me off the shed. I jus fall and left cause I couldn’t move.

“Then another come and dragged me from where I fall to under the house to show them where I get the money.”

The men threatened to shoot her as they demanded cash and jewellery. A pair of earrings and three finger rings that she was wearing was ripped off of her.

In tears, Bhagwandin said she is traumatised and has severe pains to her back and several parts of her body.

The woman’s daughter who lives next door stated she immediately contacted the Police when she heard the calls for help. She related one shot was fired which kept her inside.

The Police are investigating and so far no arrest has been made.

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