Family forgives ‘disturbed’ woman who killed her mother


Some relatives, including a sibling and children of 71-year old Rookmin Jameer, have forgiven the woman’s daughter – Camila Jameer – who admitted to killing her in a fit of rage.

“If Jesus can forgive a thief on the cross why can’t we as humans forgive her for what she has done?” said Julia Carr, the youngest sister of the murdered woman.

Jameer, 42, admitted to detectives that she killed her mother on April 12 after she was accused of stealing money.

The News Room was reliably informed that in her confession, the woman told the Police that she and her mother got into a heated argument at their Tempie, West Coast Berbice home, and she grabbed a knife and slashed her throat.

Speaking with reporters outside the courtroom at Fort Wellington Wednesday, Carr said her niece has had a history of depression.

The 67-year-old woman said she forgives her niece for what she did. Carr said she has spoken with Jameer and knows that she regrets killing her mother.

Dead: Rookmin Jameer

She explained that several years ago, the matrimonial home of Camila Jameer was destroyed in a fire and her husband took away their two children and shunned them from meeting, seeing or communicating with their mother.

This, she said, coupled with the fire, has troubled Camila and “her mind has been disturbed from since then on.”

She continued that she would from time to time have breakdowns when she is unable to cope while under stress or pressure and this would usually lead to a conflict with her mother, with whom she lived.

Carr related that she would encourage her sister to move in with her but Rookmin Jameer would refuse, saying it’s her daughter and she has to be there for her and “things will get better.”

Shaheed Jameer

Carr said the family knows the law has to take its course, but they want the authorities to ensure that Camila Jameer gets professional help so she can be better.

Shaheed, Camila Jameer’s brother, echoed similar sentiments, saying also forgives his sister.

On Wednesday, the 42-year-old mother of two appeared at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court but fainted twice before the charge could have been read to her.

The magistrate, Rabindranauth Singh, then ordered a medical and psychological evaluation of Jameer and matter was adjourned for Thursday, April 18.

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