Two new Ministers named, some junior ministers reassigned


President David Granger has announced changes to the Government which sees the appointment of two new Ministers and the reassignment of others already in the Cabinet, effective Thursday.

The appointments announced are:

  • Mr Haimraj Ramkumar, as Minister of Business
  • Mrs Dawn Hastings-Williams as Minister of State in the Ministry of the Presidency
  • Mrs Tabitha Sarabo-Halley, as Minister of the Public Service in the Ministry of the Presidency

The reassignment of junior ministers as follows:

  • Ms Annette Ferguson, as Minister in the Ministry of Communities, with responsibility for Housing
  • Mrs Simona Charles-Broomes as Minister in the Ministry of the Presidency with responsibility for Youth Affairs
  • Mrs Valerie Patterson-Yearwood, as Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture with responsibility for Rural Affairs

No new appointment was made to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The new appointments and reassignments come following a High Court decision, confirmed by the Court of Appeal, that those with dual citizenship are not qualified to be elected to the House.

Annette Ferguson, Valerie Patterson-Yearwood and Simona Broomes

This resulted in the resignations of Minister of State Joseph Harmon, Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge and Minister of Public Service Dr Rupert Roopnarine.

“The Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana is the country’s supreme law. Adherence to the Constitution is an essential element of democratic governance and the maintenance of public trust.

“Your Government is committed to upholding the Constitution unreservedly,” Granger said in an address.

In keeping with what he said was his “duty to ensure that the Government acts in accordance with the Constitution at all times,” the President said he has accepted the resignations of the four Ministers, and those resignations take effect today.

Regarding the new appointments and reassignments, the President stated: “I assure you that these appointments and reassignments will ensure your Government’s continued commitment to serve our people and the nation.”

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