Georgetown GP: Blistering Rahaman highlights Guyanese dominance

- Justin TenPow unmatched in 60cc Kids Cup


By Akeem Greene

Weeks before the event, the 125cc Juniors was billed as the group not to miss at the first Georgetown Grand Prix for 2019. On Saturday evening, they exceeded expectations with the most sublime karting led by cousins Nathan Rahaman and Zachary Persaud.

Rahaman was named champion driver, a title well deserved as he copped a first and two second place finishes. In the process, he delivered on a promise by upstaging the talented Jamaican Tommi Gore, who went away without a podium spot.

Nathan Rahaman takes the chequered flag

Race One:  Zachary qualified on poll with 32.581s, followed by Rayden Persaud (32.594s) and Rahaman (32.660s). There not much splitting the top three, but Zachary showed his class by pulling ahead early into proceedings.

It was more of a tit-for-tat battle with Rayden and Rahaman for second. Rahaman gracefully kept pressing Rayden, who defended well until he gave Rahaman just the slightest of room in the final moments, which he obliged and snatched second in a whisker of time.

Rayden eventually lost third to Jeremy TenPow, finishing fourth. Paige Mendonca, another Guyanese who attended the Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy, which brought a vast improvement in the skill level of the locals, had a spinout early in the race and had to call it quits.

Tommi Gore lead Nathan Rahaman (#71) until the final turn in the race

Race Two: With 50% of the grid inverted, Gore took to the front early followed by Rahaman. The Jamaican who topped the Guyanese at the said outing in Barbados defended steely for the most parts.

He was hunted aggressively by all.

Just a reminder, prior to the event, Rahaman stated they won’t allow Gore to take the top spot.  It seemed Rahaman had to swallow those words with Gore not relinquishing the lead until the final turn.

Rahaman was pressing hard for an opening and it came on the final turn before the chequered flag dropped. Gore went just a little and with a gush of speed Rahaman forced through and speed to cherished victory.

Gore crashed into the tire wall, and pushed his kart for a seventh spot. Zachary got second and Rayden third.

Steven Nobrega and Kristian Jeffrey had some exciting battles

Race Three: Good fortune came for Rayden who held unto to the lead from start to finish. Rahaman made some inroads but a slight jam reduced his time. He fell into the path of Zachary but was still good enough to hold for second.

Zachary’s qualifying time was also the fastest for the category for which he won an iPhone XR, compliments of E-Networks.

Over in the 60cc Kids Cup, Justin TenPow was simply unstoppable, winning all three races in rampant fashion. Nicholas Swah and Ben Phang came second and third throughout the night.

Justin TenPow dominated the 60cc Kids Cup, winning all three races and copping the champion driver accolade

Easy Cup Rookie thrills

Naresh Alves easily was the best driver in the group, despite being fortuitous with some crashes by close rival Sachin Narine. However, eyes were pierced on Ackeem ‘Flat Top’ Thomas and Luis Kumar, two close friends who laid it all on the track.

Thomas had qualified in third ahead of Kumar in fifth, but Kumar showed no signs this was his first competition, displaying aggressive driving which forced Thomas out of second, into third.

In round two, Narine got a good race and finished second, but once again attention gripped Thomas and Kumar as bumper to bumper they went throughout the race. Despite some kart troubles, they pushed each other, and Thomas showed his aggressive side and held unto third.

The final race was a mirror reflection, with Thomas’ aggressiveness being more evident with him forcing Kumar out wide for a second. Both impressed and stated they are returning to the drawing board for an improved showing next meet.

In the 125cc Seniors, the Secure Innovations and Concept powered Steven Nobrega got two first place finishes. Trinidad and Tobago’s Zachary Boodram and Jamaica’s Colin Daley Jr. got a second place finish each.

In the Easy Cup Super, Kristian Jeffrey, Stefan Jeffrey and Nobrega wowed the crowd with a some bumper to bumper racing as they shared the night’s honours.

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