Bomb threat prompts evacuation on packed exam day at UG


An anonymous bomb threat was made to the University of Guyana at around 09:00 hrs Friday morning.

The threat was issued in the form of an image of a purported bomb and a post on Facebook claiming there were 20 bombs placed across the University’s Turkeyen campus.

The anonymous suspect claimed that the bombs would be activated at exactly 15:00 hrs unless his/her demands are met.

The Police were called in.

Some students said they were in the university library preparing for an exam at 13:00 hrs when they were told to calmly exit the campus due to a bomb threat.

At the main entrance to the University, guards locked the gate to prevent vehicles and other students from entering.

The UG Administration evacuated the building

One guard, who asked to remain anonymous, told the News Room that he received orders to oversee the evacuation of the campus in order to make way for police to sweep the campus grounds to locate the threat.

Friday was slated to be jam-packed with examinations that had to be subsequently cancelled.

Students, while speaking to the News Room, expressed deep discomfort at the timing of the incident. They claimed that they invested a lot of time and money to be present on campus.

This latest threat marks the fourth issued to the University for the year.

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