‘Frustrated and angry’ – mother wants justice for death of toddler


The family of four-year-old Ramkaran Mohan who was killed after being struck down and dragged on the Tuschen New Housing Scheme main access road in March 2017, are still waiting for justice as the female driver remains free of any charge.

The toddler’s mother Anna Persaud told the News Room Monday that she is frustrated with the pace of the investigation.

“I am very frustrated and angry about what’s going on with the poor people in Guyana because in this country poor people don’t get no justice,” Persaud told the News Room.

The mother believes that the Police are “pushing her around” as she and her family are yet to get closure into the child’s death.

“Well, every time I go and find out about the matter the Police who we meet keep tell us that the matter is on inquest and the file did not come up as yet.”

In 2017, Police reported that an inquest was necessary after the initial investigation was inconclusive.

The toddler’s mother Anna Persaud

Meanwhile, Police Commander for ‘D’ Division, Edmond Cooper told the News Room, “It was advised that a further inquest be done but we haven’t started that as yet.”

On March 14, 2017, at approximately 11: 30hrs, Mohan and his seven-year-old brother Komal accompanied by an uncle, Michael Plass were crossing the road from a shop obliquely opposite their Tuschen residence, East Bank Essequibo, after purchasing a cricket ball when he was struck and dragged several feet by a silver Toyota Premio license plate PVV 5084.

The car was being driven by a woman identified as Grace Alves.

Since Mohan’s death on March 14, his family has been calling for justice and even protested several times for Alves to be charged.

Mohan was rushed to the Leonora Diagnostic Centre and was subsequently transferred to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, where he died a few hours later.

The toddler’s mother remains upset about the fact that the driver was placed on $20,000 station bail after her 72 hours detention period was expired.

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