Guyana represented at International Human Rights summit


Youth for Human Rights International held its 16th Annual International Human Rights Summit last weekend, which took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Each year the summit is attended by scores of Ambassadors, dignitaries and youth participants from all across the globe.  Representing Guyana this year were Youth Ambassador, Steven Singh and Youth Delegate, Shazam Somwar.

Youth for Human Rights International is a youth body which falls under “United for Human Rights”, which is a non-profit, International organization dedicated to implementing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at local, regional, national and international levels.

The membership comprises individuals, educators and groups throughout the world who are actively forwarding the knowledge and protection of human rights by and for all mankind.

Addressing the summit for the fourth year, Youth Ambassador Steven Singh explained that despite enormous challenges since 2016, with dedication and a relentless spirit, Guyana was able to ratify and sanction the Youth for Human Rights International Guyana Chapter.

Further, Mr Singh informed that it is imperative that all Guyanese become aware of their rights and the rights of others; and of the means of ensuring their protection. He also added that Human Rights Education in Guyana will foster the knowledge, skill and attitude which will become the behaviour that upholds Human Rights in his country.

Mr Singh believes that the fact that Guyana is a nation with six people, it is necessary that one’s rights are understood and respected while embracing each other’s culture, diversity and uniqueness. Thus, making Guyana a nation free of discrimination in all forms.

Also speaking to the attendees of the summit, Shazam Somwar, the Youth Delegate from Guyana, stated that prior to attending the summit in 2018, he was curious about people’s knowledge and position regarding Human Rights in Guyana.

Thus, upon returning to Guyana after 2018 summit, Mr Somwar collaborated with person of like interest and eventually became the President of the Berbice Chapter of YHRI. Mr. Somwar and team were able to spread Human Rights Education to the Guyanese people through different mediums, including educational institutions.

Shazam further explained the hurdles he faced but remains optimistic that Human Rights Education will become a reality to all Guyanese.

The Guyana chapter since 2016 has collaborated and provided educational materials to several stakeholders in Guyana, including the University of Guyana, the American University of Peace Studies, Cuso International, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Protection and many local NGOs.

Moreover, YHRI- Guyana was able to communicate Human Rights Education to thousands of persons in Guyana, Brazil and New York via radio programs.

Most importantly, however, is the discourses YHRI-Guyana held with thousands of students at all levels in both Government and public schools. The Chapter was ratified and sanctioned by the Government of Guyana, and team is optimistic about seeing a reduction in the instances of Human Rights infractions in Guyana.

Also, Youth for Human Rights International stands ready to provide any establishment, institution or anyone interested in Human Rights with the relevant educational Materials, free of cost. Mr Singh also added that as many materials needed, YHRI via its California office is able to provide.

He is also hoping for more young people in Guyana to get on board and have the opportunity of representing their country in the 2020 Summit at the United Nations Headquarters, New York. (Press release from Youth Ambassador)

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