Young mother loses baby after administered tablets by doctors at West Dem. Hospital


A 26-year-old mother who was six months pregnant is blaming the doctors at the West Demerara Regional Hospital located at Vreed-en-Hoop for the death of her unborn baby.

Koreena Thomas of Unity Street, La Grange, West Bank Demerara told the News Room that she believes it was the medication that was administered to her on Wednesday that caused her to bleed heavily and ultimately lose her baby.

Thomas said she noticed spots of blood on Tuesday morning and decided to visit the La Grange Health Centre but there was no doctor on duty and she was advised to go to the West Dem. Hospital.

“The doctor [at West Dem.] tell me that my womb open,” the young mother said.

Thomas said she was admitted to the hospital and was given tablets for an infection.

“I ask he [doctor] why and he say blood does cause infection, so them give me four tablet on one card and one single capsule and other tablets in a pack.”

According to Thomas, she was told to go to get an ultrasound done at a private hospital because the one at the public hospital is not working.

While being discharged from the hospital, Thomas said she was instructed to drink the four tablets on the card along with the capsule before meals.

The tablets which were given to the young mother to treat an infection

“When I come home about 9 o clock the night, I eat, drink the tablet, but before I drink the tablet I tell my cousin I had two mind to drink it, so I drink two [of the four] tablets and the capsule,” Thomas said.

She noted that about 22:00hrs she went to bed and later woke up with severe abdominal pains.

“This is my second child, so I know the baby pain and I notice the same pain,” Thomas said.

She said she only knew she was bleeding when she felt the blood running down her legs.

She was rushed to the same hospital.

“When I reach, the nurse tell me I gone lose the baby cause the bleeding didn’t stopping and then didn’t try to assist me or nothing, they just got me on the bed bleeding, bleeding,” Thomas explained.

“This is not normal, cause I wasn’t having that heavy bleeding and when I leave the hospital the doctor tell me that everything okay, but to me like the tablet cause the bleeding.”

Thomas explained that the doctors had to “pull” the baby out of her. The young mother is calling on the Public Health Ministry to investigate the incident; she wants justice.

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