Graduates from Public Service Training College urged to be ‘change agents’


The 56 persons who graduated Thursday from the Bertram Collins College of the Public Service have been urged by Public Service Minister Tabitha Sarabo-Halley to be “change agents.”

“I would like to urge you not to be daunted by what you may or may not see what you think may or may not exist in the public service.

As the visionaries, your role is a bit different.

Your role is to see what exists and take advantage of the opportunities that may be available to you to see how you can make those things that exist if they are not working work in the best interest of the entire country,” the Minister stated.

The school exposed the students to a wide variety of subjects and training so they could become well-rounded leaders.

The former cadets benefited from six months of academic work in a wide range of subject areas delivered by qualified lecturers.

hey also toured several regions across Guyana to better understand cultures and, most notably, were attached to a government ministry or agency for four months.

Senior Director. Colonel (ret’d) Lawrence Paul remarked that the new  public servants would be the “engine that propels the state move forward.” (Department of Public Information)

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