UG’s Best Graduating student honoured by local company


Shameer Amerullah, a secondary school teacher, has received the Shivraj Maraj Memorial Prize for being this year’s best graduating Computer Science student at the University of Guyana (UG).

Amerullah received a plaque and a monetary gift on Thursday from computer dealer Vishnu Panday & Associates Inc. and was added to the Shivraj Memorial Honour Roll at the company’s annual award ceremony at its Lama Avenue office.

Shameer Amerullah

Managing Director, Vishnu Panday, explained that this was the sixteenth year they were collaborating with UG to honour the top students in the computer science department

He added that the prize was an instrument to spur the students to attain excellence.

“We are forever grateful to the University of Guyana. It’s a relationship we started years ago; it’s a relationship that I want to know that it will continue …our commitment to education is so strong. We believe that if we can show every student at the University of Guyana that there is something that allows us to motivate ourselves to excellence.”

UG’s Registrar, Dr. Nigel Gravesande commended the company for understanding its corporate role and helping to create an enabling environment for quality education at a significant moment in Guyana’s history.

Amerullah expressed his gratitude at receiving the award, saying that seeing the names on the honour roll had pushed him to work hard to ensure his was also engraved on the plaque. (Department of Public Information)

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