Family, friends want justice for death of cyclist; fmr. Chief of Staff in Police custody


Family, friends and members of the Sonic Hunters motorcyclist club are calling for justice following the death of national cyclist Jude Bentley who was killed in an accident on Saturday morning.

Bentley was killed after he was struck down on the Rupert Craig Highway, in the vicinity of the Russian Embassy turn at around 5:00hrs by a black Land Cruiser, reportedly driven by Rear Admiral (Ret’d) and former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Gary Best.

Both Bentley and Best were heading east along the road; the family of the cyclist said he was struck from behind and debunked claims by Best that Bentley was not wearing reflectors at the time.

When contacted, Assistant Police Commissioner Edgar Thomas told the News Room that Mr Best is in Police custody at the Kitty Police Station and underwent a breathalyzer test.

The bicycle Bentley was riding being removed from the scene [Photo taken from Christophe Enzo Facebook page]
The senior cop, however, could not say what the results of the breathalyzer test are.

A member of the Sonic Hunters motorcyclist club, John Bennet told the News Room that the cycling community remains in shock over Bentley’s death.

The vehicle, driven by Gary Best, at the scene of the accident [News Room photo]
“We from the motorcycle fraternity and the cycling fraternity wouldn’t want this to go unnoticed or just under the rug by any chance. We are looking for the penalties that any Guyanese could face if they commit such a crime so we want the full penalty for Mr Best,” Bennet told the News Room.

Pieces of Bentleys bicycle at the scene of the accident [Photo taken from Christophe Enzo Facebook page]
At the scene of the accident, Mr Best told the News Room that the accident was “highly regrettable” and that he did not see Bentley.

Bentley was also a businessman; he owned and operated the Bike Shop on Robb Street.

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