Father wants justice for daughter; says phones, cash were stolen from accident victims


By Isanella Patoir

Mooanial Mohabir, the father of 16-year-old Aliya Mohabir who died early Saturday at the Georgetown Public Hospital after being struck down at Bush Lot on the Corentyne Coast on Friday, is calling for justice.

Aliya’s 14-year-old sister Aneela Mohabir was also involved in the accident along with nine-year-old Roshini Mohan of Bush Lot.

Mr Mohabir explained that an iPhone 6 and LG phones of his daughters were stolen along with the cash they had on them after the accident.

Mr Mohabir, a rice farmer and father of four, tearfully told the News Room that Aliya was his eldest child.

He said doctors had pronounced his daughter brain dead. Police said she died at around 03:00hrs on Saturday.
She also had a broken hip, a damaged liver and kidney and had severe internal bleeding.

“Is hard for me to see my daughter, my 16-year-old child dead, my two beautiful children left my home at Number 46 Village and I need justice cause this is not fair for this to happen to my daughters.

“I see her Friday and today Saturday I see her on her death bed, this is hard,” the distraught man told the News Room.

Aliya had accompanied her sister to the Bush Lot Secondary School for an event at the school when the accident occurred.

“Aliya is a very good kid, my lovely child and I never expect something like this can happen, the last time I saw her Friday morning and I never saw back my daughter.”

He said he and his wife, Bashawati Rambrich have not had to courage to tell the 14-year-old that her sister died.

“She keeps asking for her and we say she in another ward,” Mr Mohabir said.

Aneela suffered a fractured leg and injuries to the mouth.

“She cannot see in her right eye and other leg is bruised,” the father said.

She is at the New Amsterdam Hospital in a stable condition but is in a lot of pain.

The nine-year-old girl was the first to be struck down by motorcar PXX 5165, driven by a 31-year-old doctor; she was attempting to cross the road at the time.

The News Room had reported after crashing into the child, the driver then swerved to the side of the road where he crashed into Aliya and her sister, sending them into the air.

One of them landed on a man who was on a bicycle before collapsing on the road. The other child fell onto the vehicle and then rolled off.

The driver emerged from his vehicle but was unable to render assistance as he was in a state of shock, eyewitnesses said. Some residents threatened to beat him and set his car alight.

Police Headquarters in a statement said the driver alleged that the child suddenly ran across the road into the path of his vehicle after which he applied brakes and pulled left to avoid a collision, but he ended up on the northern footpath and collided with the Mohabir sisters.

The driver passed a breathalyzer test and is at the Port Mourant Hospital where he is presently admitted under Police guard.

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