Two bodies recovered after ganja boat crashes into another vessel in Berbice River


The authorities have recovered the bodies of two of four men who went missing after a boat transporting ganja crashed into them in the Berbice River Tuesday night.

The bodies were brought out to the New Amsterdam wharf and then taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital; the bodies have been identified as Romario Denheart of Heathburn Village, East Bank Berbice and Julian Mc Kenzie of Sandhill Village Berbice River.

The incident occurred at about 18:45h in the vicinity of Friendship Village.

Police headquarters said those still missing are Kidman Lindie of Sandhill Village Berbice River and Freeman Denheart of Heathburn Village, East Bank Berbice.

Persons at the New Amsterdam Wharf (News Room Photo)

The men were the occupants of a boat which was proceeding south along the Berbice River when it collided with another vessel proceeding in the opposite direction.

The second vessel was captained by 39-year-old Marvin Kissoon of Sheet Anchor Village, East Canjie Berbice. He was travelling with four occupants.

Kissoon told investigators that as they were travelling along the river, he noticed the boat coming towards him and turned eastward to get out of its path. However, he alleged that the other boat pulled in the same direction resulting in a collision and the boats capsized.

The two bodies recovered (News Room Photo)

Kissoon said after realizing that the occupants of the other boat did not surface, he and his companions re-entered their boat and fled the scene.

As a result, he was taken into police custody.

His companions – a 20 year-old labourer of Maria Henrietta Village, Berbice River, a 51 year-old labourer of Adelphi Village, Corentyne Berbice and a 23 year -old labourer of No 2 Village, Canje, Berbice – were also arrested.

The men were arrested at Edinburgh Village, East Bank Berbice.

They were found in possession of thirty- two taped parcels of suspected cannabis which when weighed amounted to 36.97 kilograms.

The fifth occupant who resides at Palmyra Village, Corentyne, Berbice is being sought.


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