Boyfriend confesses to beating teen, says she was pregnant


The 22-year-old boyfriend of 18-year-old Melissa Soman whose body was found floating in the Berbice River last week has reportedly confessed to beating her before she allegedly jumped overboard.

He also told investigators that she was two months pregnant and was suspicious that she had an affair.

According to a source close to the investigation, on Wednesday evening (June 17), Soman, known as Lisa, and her boyfriend were involved in a heated argument after he accused her of dancing with a number of persons at a birthday party they had just attended.

He told investigators she was also “friendly” and was seen dancing with his 48-year-old uncle.

While in the boat on their way home, the boyfriend launched an attack on the uncle and the teenager.

He told investigators that Melissa plunged overboard to escape the beating. The uncle is also in Police custody.

The News Room understands that the investigating team left early Sunday morning for the crime scene with the two men.

It was the uncle who initially told investigators that during the boat ride home, Soman informed him that she and her boyfriend were “having problems and then she suddenly jumped overboard.”

The uncle had said that he tried to rescue her but it was unsuccessful.

The body of the Soman was found at around 15:00 h on Thursday in the vicinity of De Veldt Village, Berbice River. It was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where her father Paul Soman positively identified the remains.

It was observed that the upper portion of her body, her face and a right hand appeared to have been eaten by fish.

The News Room understands that Soman, who resided at Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice, left her parents’ house and her 2-year-old son a few months ago telling them she was going up the Berbice River with her boyfriend.

Her parents did not see or hear from her since.

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