Archers Duncan, Madray and Hing impress in Virtual competition


The 13th stage of the ongoing 60X ISOL Remote Shoot Virtual Competition highlighted strong competition among three of Archery Guyana’s members in the Recurve 30m category on Sunday during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown.

The match ended with Samira Duncan scoring 541 points, whilst Umasankar Madray and Nicholas Hing scored 522 and 518 respectively. It marked the second appearance of all three archers in this series of matches.

The match took place in rather wet conditions with the local archers competing throughout the rain which cleared up only after the event was completed.

Duncan’s performance was much improved over her last appearance and she was able to find the 10 ring ten times during her 12 ends. The competition between Madray and Hing was fierce with Hing having a 22-point lead after six ends. However, Madray produced a masterful performance in the final six ends to overtake Hing final score by four points.

Samira Duncan ended with 541 points

On the previous Sunday (June 21, 2020), the 12th stage of this competition had Madray competing against fellow Archery Guyana member Robert Singh. Madray performed well with excellent groupings, but then experienced a problem with his equipment. Singh came in one point ahead of Madray, the final scores being Singh 531 and Madray 530.

The interest in this virtual competition continues to grow with archers from around the Caribbean participating regularly along with representatives from Europe, Africa, India, Korea, Australia and the USA.

Registration for this competition series is done online and athletes choose which session and division they would shoot. Scaled-down target faces are used to suit the specified distances for those shooting from home with limited space.

Equipment inspection is done by taking a photo of bow and arrows, as well as target faces and sent online. A QR code is then sent for archers to log in and send scores after every end along with pictures of arrows in target for scoring.

The competition continues next Sunday (July 5) with stage 14, as Archery Guyana urges its members with access to safe home facilities to participate.

All archers are mandated to observe the national health and safety requirements and the PAHO/WHO guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19.

Archery Guyana wishes to thank Robert Singh for his input and facilitation of this Novel competition here in Guyana.

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