GuySuCo in campaign to get workers to back new revitalisation plan


The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) has announced the launch of its “I Believe In GuySuCo” campaign in an effort to get workers to back its new five-year business plan which aims to take annual sugar production to 150,000 tonnes, modernise agriculture and factory operations and diversify its core business beyond the cultivation and production of raw sugar.

“It is expected that if given the required support and necessary financing, the Corporation will return to a position of sustained growth and prosperity,” the Corporation said in a statement.

GuySuCo said it continues to undergo a challenging transition process which has been very disruptive, but it wants workers to rally around the 2020-2025 plan for it to be successful.

“Emphasis will be on increasing the production of direct consumption sugars and producing white sugars for industrial use.

“Other new business lines include the generation and export (locally) of electrical energy and service industries, such as ‘sugar’ tourism,” GuySuCo stated.

As a result, the Corporation said as it transitions, it is imperative that the employees and other internal and external stakeholders be integrated into this process.

“The ‘I Believe in GuySuCo…’ Internal Mobilization Campaign, will mobilize employees and other stakeholders around the new strategic direction of the Corporation in order for there to be oneness of vision and for a more synergistic approach to be developed over the next five years,” the Corporation stated.

GuySuCo said its employees, as well as other internal stakeholders, have gone through a harsh reorganization process over the past three years and thus the aim of this campaign is essentially to mobilize the internal public – managers and general staff of the Corporation around the new strategic focus.

Stakeholders targeted to participate in the campaign include members of the Board of Directors, managers, general staff and Union representatives. Specific target groups include potential investors (possible shareholders) and members of the public.

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