Republic Bank reports another scam with its Visa card


 See below full release from Republic Bank Guyana Limited:

Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited advises that its monitoring systems have detected fraudulent online payment card activity at some global online merchants, and the Bank has identified cases where some customers’ cards were compromised, and their accounts debited. Unfortunately these attacks are quite common when there is online card usage.

The Bank wishes to assure customers that it continues to follow existing standard global practices for disputed international debit card transactions, and all affected customers will be reimbursed sums proven to have been fraudulently withdrawn. Customers who suspect fraudulent transactions to their accounts are therefore encouraged to contact their nearest branch to validate their transactions and initiate claims where necessary.

Customers are also encouraged to remain vigilant in monitoring their account activity through their statements of account, or the Bank’s online banking platforms.

The Bank sincerely regrets the temporary inconvenience and as earlier mentioned, will take the necessary steps to regularise all affected accounts using a well-defined, standard process, focussed on reducing customer inconvenience. We will continue to explore avenues for reducing further exposure while minimising the inconvenience to customers.

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