Burnt body, believed to be that of missing Canadian youth, found at Moleson Creek


The burnt remains of a young man, suspected to be that of Canadian Nicholas Ramkissoon Jaipaul, was discovered Thursday morning at Moleson Creek, East Berbice, Corentyne.

Unconfirmed reports are that the body was burnt by a relative of one of the suspects who was detained after the 23-year-old Jaipaul went missing. The motive of the killing is not yet known. Two maids were detained and initially questioned about the disappearance.

Jaipaul disappeared from his grandfather’s Lot 42 Section B, Number 69 Village where he was spending time on holiday. He went missing on Sunday.

His grandfather, 86-year-old Ramkissoon Jaipaul told the News Room that he suspected Nicholas was kidnapped because someone contacted him early Monday via telephone and told him that they have his grandson.

Jaipaul said he last saw his grandson before he retired to bed on Sunday and woke up Monday to the strange phone call.

“The caller asked where I am. I said I’m downstairs. Then he said, ‘Where is your grandson Nicholas?’ I said he’s upstairs and he (the caller) said ‘No, check upstairs.’ So I get crazy, I couldn’t take it.”

The elderly man said he became flustered and contacted two of his employees to assist him and checked the room in the upper flat.

His worse fears were confirmed when they discovered the young man missing.

Jaipaul explained that his grandson resided in Ontario, Canada, but was on holiday in Guyana since January; he was due to return in May but as a result of the travel restrictions and the closure of the airports to curb the spread of COVID-19, he was unable to return.

The elderly man said his grandson has never left the house without informing him; his documents and clothing were still intact and no forced entry was found.

The New Room will provide further details in a subsequent report.

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