Berbice Teen murders: The New Movement urges full weight of law for perpetrators


The New Movement issued the following statement on the brutal murder of Berbice teens Isaiah and Joel Henry:

“The New Movement condemns the act of brutality against the Henry family. We stand with the families and friends of Joel and Isaiah and call for swift investigation and service of justice up on the perpetrators of such heinous and senseless acts of violence. We take this occasion to sympathize with all families who have endured this type of trauma at the hands of criminal elements. TNM rejects efforts to stir up racial strife out of these types of occurrences. Instead, all sane Guyanese regardless of background should roundly condemn these types of action regardless of the perpetrators.

“We would also like to take this time to address the core cause of all the violence and brutality meted out in our country and wider world. We believe the central issue is indwelling hatred and mistrust enabled  by the propagation and acceptance of wicked doctrines.  We would have met some of these doctrines on the campaign trail and in our everyday lives such as “the only Indian you can trust is a dead one” or “the only African you can trust is a dead one”. These are the traditional doctrines. Lately the music industry has promoted the image of the “gangsta” and “bad man” who “don’t tek stupidness” and promote a culture of brutality and lawlessness in their lyrics. Movies and popular culture spread violence as a means of solving problems. No doubt if these doctrines are adopted by the members of society, particularly the youth we will have a violent society and a violent future.

“Increased police presence, educational opportunities, lifting the economy, protest, political action and new laws can only go so far in solving the problem of crime and hate  we face in our nation and the world at large. To eradicate it will take something much deeper.

“The solution, therefore, come by adopting the doctrines of love for fellow human beings and forgiveness,. It comes by turning away from jealousy, covetousness, resentment and hate. The change must start from the change of oneself. Those who are enlightened must rebuke those among us spreading hatred and rather teach them love and forgiveness. We can all start this with our families and friends in the hope that the would turn a new leaf. For those who would persist in their hatred, we fully support the full weight of the justice system for their actions. We take this opportunity to call for an end to all racism and violence so that all Guyanese can live in an environment of peace.”

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