Relatives of murdered Haresh Singh complain of daily threats, intimidation


Family members of 17-year-old Haresh Singh who was killed in the backdam of Number Three Village, West Coast Berbice on Wednesday are complaining of daily threats by those persons who have taken up the calls for justice in the murder of teen cousins Joel and Isaiah Henry.

Singh is said to be the grandson of one of the suspects in Police custody.

Crying and frustrated relatives have said that since the mutilated bodies of the boys were discovered on Sunday and Singh’s grandfather was arrested, persons have been coming to their home and threatening them.

“Every day them a come threaten we. This morning [Wednesday] ah went to carry food fuh meh husband and when them see meh them a call meh. Meh had to turn back with the car…. We can’t eat, we can’t sleep. We [have to] go to people house fuh bathe, people house fuh sleep,” said Maymattie Balgobin, an aunt of Singh.

Dead: Haresh Singh

Balgobin was inconsolable as she grieves the gruesome murder of Singh.

The grandmother of Haresh Singh, Basmattie Singh said the family has not been able to spend long periods at home to even cook their daily meals and have been depending on outside support to eat.

“Even when you come to cook and you see them you have to run back to the back… we have to go away from here, we can’t stay here no more oh God.”

The complaints were made to Prime Minister Brigadier (rt’d) Mark Phillips and Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr Vindhya Persaud during their second visit to the West Coast Berbice corridor.

The relatives believe that Singh’s death amounts to a follow up with action of the threats that were made.

Singh was heading into the backlands with his motorcycle to transport water for his uncles at around 06:00h when he was attacked and beaten.

Singh’s motorcycle was torched and he died on his way to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital. The Prime Minister called for an immediate end to the violent protests in the Region.

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  1. Matthew says

    This has gone well beyond a protest. In the United States the BLM movement was started because of racial abuse to black persons by largely white police. In Guyana we had a Black Govt, Black police, Black Military and while there is nothing wrong with that, it made the BLM movement somewhat different and I feel that here it is thought that ONLY Black Lives Matter…….nobody else.

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