Ninvalle wants boxing accommodated at multi-purpose facilities


Guyana has been the crème de la crème of Caribbean Boxing and the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) President, Steve Ninvalle, wants to sustain such dominance by expanding to harness more talent.

The Government has committed to building three multi-purpose sport facilities, one each in Regions Two, Six and 10, and according to Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr., they will be of world-class standard.

Ninvalle is hoping that the sport of boxing, which has given the country its lone Olympic medal, is catered for at these facilities.

“We also would like to see much more overseas exposure for all discipline of boxing – referees, judges, coaches and boxers – and the priority of ours is to have a proper home for boxing. We would like to see in the three facilities that are earmarked to be built, we would like to see at least a part of it put aside for boxing,” the GBA president told News Room Sport.

With regards to keeping boxers in shape for the potentially busy start of 2021, Ninvalle said it is difficult due to the COVID-19 precautionary measures, but still expects the boxers to be competent challengers.

“At this time we still cannot have any serious activity other than basic training, but this is not unique to Guyana, it is the same in other countries of the Caribbean so we don’t have a fear that our competitors will turn up and be better, we are out front…there is no international competition and we can only hope COVID-19 goes it way and we can return to normal activity.”

There is still little optimism that the Association can hold at least one tournament before the year concludes, but Ninvalle said a definitive decision will only be made if the Ministry of Health gives the go-ahead.

In the interim, the GBA has engaged in numerous online training sessions for Referees/Judges and Coaches.

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