New Child Advocacy Centre opens in Timehri


The Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA), Ministry of Human Services and Social Security in collaboration with UNICEF opened a Child Advocacy Centre in the Timehri Health Centre Compound on September 25, 2020.

These Centres are established countrywide to provide the much-needed support for the interview, the aftercare service, and to bring perpetrators to justice.

According to Ann Greene, Director of CPA, the multidisciplinary approach which requires the involvement of partners such as the Law Enforcement, Prosecution and the Health Sector, is to record the child victim’s account of the abuse.

Using a Forensic Interviewer, in a special room while the representatives from the key disciplines observe and listen to the interview in a different space.

“This approach will facilitate the child having to tell of the incident only once and thereafter to commence the healing process and court support to see the case through the judicial system. The usage of this approach is known to result in increased successful prosecutions of child abuse perpetrators and allow more healing for the victims,” Ms. Greene added. (Ministry of Human Services and Social Security)

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