58 motorcyclists arrested for breach of one-way street at Harbour Bridge; to be fined $25,000


Fifty-eight motorcyclists were Wednesday morning arrested by the Police in Region Three as they attempted to cross the Demerara Harbour Bridge, many of them on their way to work.

Leading the operation to clamp down on errant motorcyclists was Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Errol Watts.

Speaking to the News Room by phone, Watts said the motorcyclists who were arrested and are currently at the La Grange Police Station will be charged for several traffic violations.

He said while all 58 of the persons arrested had breached the one-way street on the western half of the bridge, several others were found to be riding without the necessary documentation.

The persons who were arrested will all be charged for breach of a one-way street on Friday, Watts said, a charge that attracts a fine of $25,000.

He explained that usually between 7am and 8am in the mornings there is one lane traffic flowing west to east of the bridge.

The Police have erected several barricades to guide motorists and control the traffic at the bridge in the morning rush hour period.

But Watts said the police realized that motorcyclists have a habit of riding outside the barricades and in the process confuses the police’s traffic arrangement for a smooth flow.

Watts said the police had to “take a stand.”

He explained that it was nothing unusual and the police wanted to send a strong message in the right manner.

The Commander said it was not a personal attack, pointing out that among those arrested are police ranks and soldiers.

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