Man chops cousin to death in bizarre attack after father died of COVID-19


A 23-year-old man of Kwebanna Village, Moruca sub-district will soon face charges after he chopped his cousin to death earlier this week.

Family members believe the now-imprisoned Samuel Henry suffered a nervous breakdown after learning of the death of his father Michael Henry, a retired Headteacher and former Priest of the Anglican Church who had tested positive for COVID 19.

Days of aggressive, hostile, and irrational behaviour took a turn for the worse on Monday last when Henry was arrested after he attacked 35-year-old Kamal Wilson.

The News Room spoke to Henry’s mother, Maureen Henry, by phone on Wednesday. She explained that after the death of her husband, she was placed in isolation away from home where her five children remained under the supervision of a 28-year-old female sibling.

She said while in isolation she received reports that two of the boys who were left traumatized by the death of their father had suffered a nervous breakdown.

Henry said she was told that her sons “came beside themselves.”

“They were not in order, people tried to talk to them and they getting violent,” she added.

She said despite repeated attempts to seek help from medical professionals in the area, her sons were left to themselves.

“I believe he went insane to chop his cousin like that,” she added.

The News Room also spoke to the now-dead Wilson’s mother, Lorna Wilson, who explained that the unexpected attack on her son was done while he was boiling cassareep.

“The chopping was more than one and fast, fast. Is about seven chops he get. He run and he say, ‘Mommy look what Samuel did to me mommy. I gon dead.’ These boys were tripping out,” she added.

She said her son was very quiet and helpful, but at the same time she empathized with Henry, who remains in custody.

“These boys father died and their mother was in isolation and people were not going to comfort them,” she explained.

The family wants Henry’s mental state to be considered as the Police decide on what charges will be laid against him.

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