Azam Ally, 19, is Guyana’s first locally trained, accredited helicopter pilot


At 19-years -old, Captain Azam Ally has made history in Guyana by becoming the first locally trained and certified helicopter pilot.

Ally, who is currently employed with Air Services Ltd., was honoured for his accomplishment during a simple ceremony on Wednesday by the Ministry of Public Works.

He was presented with his license by Public Works Minister, Juan Edghill, to operate and fly helicopters, which was certified by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

Edghill also presented Ally with a personal letter of commendation, noting that he is now an inspiration to all young Guyanese professionals.

“On behalf of our young President, I wish to express our government’s deep appreciation for your achievement…Guyana is developing and Guyana’s future is represented in your achievement here this afternoon,” Minister Edghill said.

Captain Azam Ally with his plaque from the Ministry of Public Works (Photo: News Room/December 9, 2020)

The young Captain also received a plaque for his achievements from Minister Edghill.

“Somebody is asking why we are making such a big fuss…when people do well, we must give them flowers while they can appreciate it,” he added.

Ally, in brief comments, expressed appreciation for the support he received from his family and ASL.

In 2019, Ally began working in the aircraft maintenance department of Air Services Limited as a trainee aircraft mechanic, after which he was then assigned to the rotorcraft maintenance programme, which provided him with the foundational knowledge of rotorcraft maintenance.

In 2020, upon completion of one year in maintenance, he was given the opportunity by Cpt Mazahar Ally to begin training as a Helicopter Pilot.

His training commenced on August 3, 2020, under the tutelage of Cpt Buddy Chance, a veteran helicopter pilot and one of two approved helicopter flight instructors at Air Services Limited.

His Initial Flight Training was done on the Robinson R-66 Helicopter and on the September 03 2020, he did his first solo flight.

This was followed on the December 08 2020 by his private pilot check ride with Cpt Chris Kirkcaldy of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) which was successful.

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  1. Matthew says

    Well done! It is a big deal…..and the reason it is a big deal is the only way out to the rigs for personnel right now is helicopter and that will be for the next 50 years or more……astute career move. The trick will be getting the experience to be able to land on a moving target but that is all doable. Congratulations.

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