Foster committed to enhancing cricket in Upper Corentyne


Hilbert Foster and Simon Naidu, the President and Public Relations Officer respectively of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), on Wednesday last met with executives of the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association (UCCA) and representatives of the association’s 29 members at an outdoor meeting at the Scottsburg Community Centre in Corriverton.

The President was invited by the UCCA as part of his outreach programme to inform clubs on the latest development in Berbice cricket and his administration’s plans for the sub-association.

Foster informed that the BCB would be hosting at least three different tournaments for all of the clubs in the area at the second division level, while county-wide tournaments would be played at the Under-13, 15, 17, 19, 21 and 23 levels, along with Second Division, Intermediate, First Division and Female levels.

He also assured the teams that the board would be hosting two mini-cricket academies in the area to coach a total of 60 youngsters- 30 from Moleson Creek to Number 73 Village and another 30 from Number 72 to Number 43 Village.

The BCB Coaches would also be sent to clubs like Line Path CC, Number 73, Scottsburg and the Rama Krishna Academy, which have junior teams registered with the board.

At least 20 youth cricketers from the sub-association would also receive assistance in the form of cricket gear, uniforms or a bicycle, while every club would collect a box of balls as part of a comprehensive developmental programme.

Educational materials would also be published to educate youths on the game. The President committed to taking Upper Corentyne cricket to another level in 2021, but cautioned clubs that to do so, they would have to be prepared to not only work hard, but also to observe the strict COVID-19 regulations set down by the board for the restarting of the game.

These rules include no spectators at venues, the wearing of masks in the pavillion and social distancing among others.

Foster also announced that teams who fail to follow the COVID-19 guidelines would be disbarred from tournaments as his administration would be adopting a no-nonsense attitude as lives would be at stake.

The President also shared the rules for the 2021 season, which include the opening of a transfer season for players from January 1 to February 28 of each year.

He also announced that the board would allow one player from out of Berbice to play at the senior level per match, once that player has had no international match for the last five years.

The UCCA season is expected to bowl off late next month with a round-robin 40-over tournament, followed by a knockout 20/20 Cup. The final of the multi-million dollars Price is Right tournament would also be played shortly after been delayed for close to a year.

Foster hailed the outstanding leadership of UCCA President Dennis Dandrade and Vice-President Sydney Jackman over the last three years.

He noted that their leadership has transformed the body into the best run sub-association in the county.

The BCB’s visiting delegation handed over a quantity of trophies, face masks, face shields and educational posters to the teams.

The BCB President also handed over four educational packages to the family of injured cricketer Retesh Haimchand. Foster had committed to providing the children of Haimchand with a cricket bat, food hamper and educational packages over the last month.

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