Body recovered in Blue Lake tragedy


The search for 25-year-old minibus driver, Eusi Lindo, ended Friday following the recovery of his body at the Blue Lake in Richmond Hill, Mackenzie, Linden.

The body of the 10th Street, Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara (ECD) resident was reportedly discovered at the same location where he went missing after encountering difficulties a short time after venturing into the lake with his girlfriend.

His body was found by diver, Paul Vanhersal, at around 17:34h; Vanhersal was contracted by relatives.

According to police, the body was examined by crime scene ranks and no marks of violence were seen on the most exposed parts.

The body was taken to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), then to the Pensioners’ funeral parlor where it awaits a post mortem examination.

Lindo and his girlfriend, Ayana Vansertima, along with nine friends travelled to Linden in a minibus where they ventured to the lake on Thursday midday.

Lindo and his girlfriend were reportedly deep in the water during which he went under and never resurfaced. The incident occurred at approximately 12:30h.

The girlfriend said the water was shoulder height when Lindo started experiencing difficulties. She said he tried to hold onto her hand and they both went under but she managed to pull herself up.

The young lady said she heard a splashing sound and saw his hand as he went under.

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