Update: Gas pump explodes onboard MV Barima


A gas pump in the engine room of the MV Barima exploded on Wednesday, resulting in a fire aboard the vessel, the Ministry of Public Works revealed in a statement.

According to the statement, the gas pump exploded at about 11:30h while cargo was being offloaded at Port Kaituma waterfront in Region One. Residents quickly came together and managed to put out the blaze.

The News Room understands that after persons saw smoke emanating from the vessel, they quickly began to empty the fuel into the water.

“The Management of Transport & Harbours Department and officials from the Ministry of Public Works and Ministry of Home Affairs are currently working as a matter of urgency to verify the source of the fire and the extent of damage done to the vessel,” the statement noted.

It was further revealed that external engineers are also being sourced to conduct an immediate investigation into the incident.

“All attempts will be made to ensure that the service is back in operation at the soonest possible time.”

The News Room understands that the vessel departed Georgetown on Saturday and arrived in Port Kaituma on Sunday.

Remedial works were done on the vessel in January following an engine failure.


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