Alliance Realty – accountability and transparency in real estate


By Akeem Greene

Alliance Realty was established in December 2020, as an innovative and transparent real estate brokerage in Georgetown, Guyana. Their in-house attorney-at-law, Nirvan Singh, in giving an overview of the young company and their aim to meet the needs of the blossoming sectors, said the company’s objective is to provide clients with a unique and helpful experience in purchasing, selling, or leasing commercial and residential property in Guyana.

“It is a contemporary and dedicated Real Estate Agency, and the business model is the promotion of listings through their website.” The website address is:

Real Estate Agencies are a growing trend in Guyana and Singh opinionated that their undying aim for accountability and transparency is what makes them unique and most importantly, trustworthy.

“We don’t discriminate when it comes to clients. Anyone that has a property for sale, anyone that has a viable rental property can approach us, and if they feel comfortable with the terms of the contract, we would definitely list their properties.”

Vitality Realty currently has approximately 20 listings. Singh, who has been an attorney-at-law for three years, explained how persons can gauge the cost of their property and what the feasible offers are.

“Real Estate in Guyana by law is immovable property. So immovable property in the case of land, which will inherently have a value…there are evaluators that assess the property. Once you construct a building, whether it be residential or commercial, the property value increases and it also increases the market value of the neighbourhood as well, and we would take all of that into consideration.”

He added, “Historically, real estate has always been an important factor in the global economy and not just Guyana. This sector contributes greatly to economic stability [and] it is import because immovable property serves as collateral for lending institutions. I think with the expected economic up-turn that is projected for Guyana, this sector can only see exponential growth, and I happy to be a part of this venture.”

The attorney believes it is important for persons looking to progress in life to consider the option of investing in real estate and even those looking to secure a home for their family, noting, “you can’t lose with real estate.”

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